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Crypto Homies Founder's Edition

The Homies Founder’s Edition NFT series is a limited 2D PFP collection based on the 25-year-old Homies brand, featuring original artwork designed by David Gonzales between 1998 and 2009. The collection includes some of the most famous Homies, such as Eightball and Willie G. Homies first appeared in Low Rider Magazine as a comic strip by David Gonzales, which eventually led to physical figurines in quarter machines and larger scale distribution online and in big box stores, selling over 120+ million figurines in total. David Gonzales is still involved today and is releasing new characters, products, and toys with his son Anthony Gonzales bringing these characters into the 3D realm for the upcoming Genesis Series 1 collection. Also Available: Crypto Homies Genesis & Crypto Homies General

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